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Predictive Dialing

One of great strengths of the Quantrax Corporation I-Tel dialer, the finest platform in the dialer industry, is the ability to integrate with Intelec RMEx collection software.  

With the high value that has to be placed on productivity, Berlin-Wheeler’s choice of a dialer may be as important as our choice of collection software.

The Quantrax dialer platform is fully integrated with our Intelec REMx collection software. Within a single system, I-Tel is an architecture that provides support for:

  • Outbound dialing
  • Inbound call management
  • Message playback
  • Call monitoring
  • Management reporting and
  • Interactive Voice Response

The I-Tel Predictive dialer has five different modes of operation: preview, progressive, power, predictive, and unattended. Each level has an increasing level of automation. These levels of automation are controlled and monitored by our collection managers to optimize the efficiency of our collection team.

A dialer is a critical component of any collection system, and Quantrax’s dialer platform integrates RMEx collection software with the world's finest dialer engine. The combination of two world-class products offers opportunities and levels of productivity which cannot be beat within the collection industry.