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Berlin-Wheeler is customer focused and technology driven. We continuously research and integrate the latest in technology to remain at the leading edge of our industry in providing high-performing services.

  • We utilize high-speed, fiber-optic T-1 lines for our dialer system, PBX phone and communications systems, yielding high-quality connections and high-capacity for communicating with consumers and clients.

  • Our multiple T-1 connections allow us to maintain our capability for accepting inbound calls at a higher rate than what is required by our total volume of inbound calls.  When additional capacity is required, we simply add more T-1 lines to our current PBX system to increase inbound and outbound calling capacity.

  • Our PBX phone system is fully integrated with our dialer and collection software systems.  

  • BW integrates automated messaging and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology along with live calls to maximize the effectiveness of all our systems. 

  • Consumers can make payments through our inbound IVR and can be transferred to a live agent through the technology.

  • All of our calls are digitally recorded (both inbound and outbound).  These recorded calls are utilized in our continuous process improvement and in the training of our collection staff.

  • Complete systems back-ups are executed six times weekly and stored off-site as a best practice.