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First Party Recovery

EBO – Extended Business Office Service

EBO is our online real-time service, in which our team is trained in the details necessary to work directly in your system via extremely secure virtual private network connections.  

Your data, notes, balances, and contact information are always up to date because we are working in your system.  No reconciliation or file transfers are required.

The EBO team follows up on outstanding accounts, produces consumer statements, posts payments, reviews accounts for appropriate contractual adjustments, assists in identifying possible bad debt accounts and those that may meet financial assistance criteria as set by the client, and documents each account by placing notes directly in the client’s system.

Early Out Service

ARTS customizes the early-out process to meet each client’s needs. This flexible service yields a range of features including four or more different letter series and multiple call attempts to reach your customers.

Payment Monitoring Service

ARTS offers a payment monitoring service in which ARTS manages the follow up on accounts that have payment arrangements previously established by our clients.