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How long has BW been in business?

Berlin-Wheeler has been in business since 1952 and has been operating its current Jefferson City, Missouri, location since 1970.

How are ARTS and BW related?

ARTS is a service line of Berlin-Wheeler, Inc.  ARTS provides first-party services and BW provides third-party services.  ARTS is totally separate in all respects, with a team of professionals specifically trained and working full time with self-pay and insurance billing needs in a first-party environment.  We do not utilize collectors to work early-stage accounts. ARTS operates from your system through secure lines – always giving you real time data.  There are no account notes to transfer, no payment files to transfer, no reconciliation of account balances needed, and all payments go directly to you.

Are accounts scored?


Yes. All of our accounts are automatically scored at BW prior to the start of the collection process. Propensity to pay scores are utilized to develop specific strategies in calling order, urgency, and timing of calls, development of collector work lists, and overall management of the level and type of resources applied to each account.

Are your calls recorded?

Yes.  All of our calls are digitally recorded for quality improvement and auditing purposes.  
Calls are reviewed with collectors on a routine basis as a normal practice of ongoing training, and are always documented on a collector’s call review report.

What technology do you use?

BW utilizes one of the most advanced and industry-leading platforms available.  Our hardware and software are fully integrated across telephone, dialer, data warehousing, payment processing, call recording, and reporting functions to deliver services in a performance-driven manner.

How many days before a consumer is contacted after placement of a collection account?

Normally, consumers are sent a letter automatically within one business day after placement when a valid address is provided.