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BW Facts

Every day, BW strives to Exceed the Needs of the People We Serve.   BW appreciates the trust our clients put in us as we bring customized collection strategies, well-trained staff, technology-driven solutions, and secure facilities to bear on your accounts, which are all designed to deliver our services in an effective and efficient manner. Let us share some facts about our company with you.


BW utilizes many years of experience to maximize performance while delivering exceptional customer service in meeting our goal to Exceed the Needs of the People We Serve.
  • BW has been serving clients since 1970.
  • Clients currently trust BW with hundreds of millions of dollars in accounts we are now working on their behalf.
  • BW offers early-out and billing services through ARTS offerings and collection services through our BW offerings.
  • BW currently enjoys working for several hundred clients.  We appreciate our relationships with each of them and look forward to sharing our learned experiences and knowledge with new clients as we grow.


The BW and ARTS-EBO collection and billing teams stand ready to execute specific and customized strategies for our clients.
  • Our management team has over 180 years of experience and an average of over 25 years of experience.
  • BW and ARTS teams are full-time teams to ensure consistent and well-trained staff are always working our clients’ accounts.
  • BW has full-time, Spanish-speaking team members who help Spanish-speaking consumers understand the details of their accounts and the need to resolve their obligations.
  • All of our billing and collection team members receive extensive training and supervision for their first 90 days, and training continues on the floor with a team leader assigned to each person for additional training and monitoring.  This additional training ensures high-quality calls and continued adherence to applicable regulatory requirements.


BW utilizes one of the most advanced and industry-leading platforms available.  Our hardware and software are fully integrated, to include telephone, dialer, data warehousing, payment processing, call recording, and reporting functions, to deliver services in a performance-driven manner.
  • BW utilizes a very sophisticated and forward-leaning collection system that gives our collectors instantaneous access to consumer data at their desk while on the phone with consumers.
  • 100% of calls are recorded for quality assurance.
  • Our phone system allows managers and team leaders to monitor live calls and assist collectors in their discussions with consumers in resolving their accounts.
  • BW incorporates and integrates automated messaging and IVR technology along with live calls to maximize the effectiveness of all our systems.
  • Our predictive dialer allows for tens of thousands of calls to be launched per day, ensuring our teams maximize revenue recovery for our clients.